Farah Saeed
3 min readFeb 12, 2021

Before Amal Academy:

Prior to this fellowship, I had no idea of how to improve my professional skills, write a super cover letter and resume, less goal-oriented and had no idea what to do after graduation. Another major issue was that I had so much trouble interacting with people without negating their opinions and perspectives. I was totally focused on getting myself enrolled in another degree without understanding that only theoretical knowledge won’t do me any good if it isn’t coupled with great communication skills.

Wasting time in frivolous activities

So there I was, wasting my time in frivolous activities during the lockdown period when I came across an email from Amal Academy informing about the upcoming Career-Prep Fellowship. After doing some research online and asking a couple of seniors about Amal Academy, I came to find out that this is actually an amazing opportunity for fresh graduates like me to kick start our professional development and to polish our strengths even more. I decided to avail this opportunity therefore I got myself registered and was successfully selected after passing fairly through various steps of the selection procedure.

Amal Career-Prep Journey:

It brought a gigantic change in my attitude as well as my personality because it allowed me to know my inner talent, my skills, my weaknesses, my goals, and various tips to achieve them. It gave me the opportunity to perform in different circles on weekly basis that allowed me to learn from the experiences of my fellow members. It changed my perspective of thinking and taught me a lesson that life is all about making the best use of whatever resources and enjoying every bit of it. Each person is unique in their own way; therefore, we must not compare our life with that of others to search for happiness. In fact, positive thinking is a decision that we make and not something that comes through genetics or outside factors. Another thing that I loved were the Mock interviews during the fellowship that gave us an experience of how to appear in a professional interview and how to respond to the questions asked by the interviewer. My interviewer was a Senior Manager at Amal Academy and he asked questions I could never think of but due to practice we had done during sessions, I was able to rock the interview and receive a somewhat positive feedback.

Journey of Continuous Improvement

Now I can proudly say that I realize how my life has been transformed from an unprofessional version of myself to the professional version. I can see tremendous improvement in my motivation, communication skills, public speaking, leadership, time management as well as other hard skills. It has taught me to coexist in a group where everyone has their own ideas and opinions but we can all reach a consensus, setting aside our differences, to achieve a common goal.

Acquiring Professional Skills