Acts of Kindness

Farah Saeed
3 min readDec 16, 2020
Help someone in need

Life is full of its own tragedies and mishaps and I strongly think that it has no more room for additional drama. It is imperative that we do whatever we must to spend some part of this temporary life in the service of mankind. Our each and every action must help or brighten someone’s day rather than causing someone misery. Therefore I believe that in order to create change in this world, we must first start with ourselves.

Amal academy gave us this assignment of performing five acts of kindness in a day and it made me wonder how beautiful and harmonious life would be if we started caring for each other instead of thinking of each other as competitors in this race of life. Here I’m sharing those five acts of kindness which I know are not enough to make this world a better place but hey, nobody said it would be easy and of course, a journey of thousand miles begins with a single step. So lets embark on this mission;

1. As we know the commute to the market everyday costs a lot and the market vegetables are grown with inorganic fertilizers which are detrimental to health therefore I started a kitchen garden in my backyard a while ago using compost for nourishment of plants and today I checked thoroughly whether all the requirements of the garden are being met or not.

2. A little boy of about seven years old lives in the house next to mine. He asked me for my badminton rackets which were not in use and at first I was not ready to give but then I thought of the happiness he would get if he played with them. This contemplation resulted in me giving him my rackets happily.

3. In this world where everyone has become selfish and indifferent to each other’s feelings, a smile from a stranger does wonders for a depressed and lonely person. So during my evening stroll in the park, an old lady in her seventies was walking towards me and as she moved past me, I gave her a smile and suddenly her face lit up with happiness as if she was longing for someone to treat her nicely.

4. I was busy in completing my assignments as well as presentation work and amidst all the chaos, my junior asked if I could help her with her dissertation. I was reluctant in the beginning as I was too tired already but then i did otherwise and gave her the help she needed. This act also gave me the drive to finish all my work way before time.

5. I have this immense love for birds for they remind me how beautiful this world is. This love forced me to keep two king pigeons as my pets and I take it as my responsibility to feed them everyday.

Mark Twain has rightly said,

“Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and blind can see”.

Being kind costs a person nothing but it can mean the world to a person. Most believe that being kind shows that you are weak and it makes people take advantage of you. This is not the case because a simple act of kindness such as passing a smile to a stranger or lending a helping hand gives you the peace of mind that nothing in this entire world can, not money, not fame, nothing. Therefore in order to make your life peaceful and prosperous, one must accept himself and others the way they are no matter how cruel or harsh this world may become. We should never resort to taking revenge or keeping grudges against someone because that takes away every good thing about life. Before treating others badly, think how you’d feel if you were in their place.