Amal Totkay

Farah Saeed
3 min readDec 25, 2020


At Amal Academy, one thing that I loved the most was the “Amal Totkay” which are some basic yet most effective principles for living a productive life. These principles or Totkay whatever you call it makes us understand how starting from the things that we thought as trivial can lead us to achieving our desired goals in life. Since the beginning of Amal fellowship, I have tried to incorporate some of these principles in my daily routine and have seen a tremendous change in my willpower and attitude.


Lets discuss thoroughly what these Totkay are and what do they actually mean. The Amal Totkay are all about developing a growth mindset and letting go of the previous fixed mindset. Now people would think that there must be a very long list of these Amal Totkay but actually they are only five in number. Sounds easy right! So these five are as follows:

1. Self-Talk

2. Get out of your comfort zone

3. Create new habits

4. Ask people help

5. Fake it till you make it


Self-talk is very important as it means self-reflection. Self-reflection includes understanding yourself and knowing what your weaknesses are and what your strengths are and analyzing how you can improve yourself. Whatever we say to ourselves has a strong impact on our personality and if we have the belief that we cannot have the ability to get to our goals or we do not have the ability to lead a great life then it will become your reality as your mind will believe all those things. So we should continuously appreciate ourselves and every good thing that we do. We should remind ourselves that we are capable of achieving amazing things and we are good enough because that is how we will start believing it.

Get out of your comfort zone

Getting out your comfort zone is very hard yet very mandatory for growth. If we never take risks or try new things and only go for the things that are easy then we can never live up to our full potential. We must try to experience new opportunities like going for a new job, learning public speaking, trying out new sports etc. When we challenge ourselves and set on a new journey of self-growth then we will come to realize that untapped potential within us.

Create new habits

Creating new habits is so much fun if we get past the procrastination state and start action (Amal-first principle of progress). It can be something as small as making your bed every morning when you wake up because that will make you feel that you have accomplished something and that will give you the power to do so much more with your day.

Ask people help

Asking people help shows that we understand how important it is to have a support group next to us including only those people who are sincere with us. Some people are of the view that asking for help belittles them somehow or shows how weak they are but actually it is the other way around. It shows that teamwork is vital to anyone’s success. Behind every successful person, there are certainly people who are constantly pushing him to be better and better and appreciating him at every step of the way.

Fake it till you make it

Fake it till you make it means that a person has to imitate confidence, competence and growth mindset every day and this will gradually lead him to realize those traits in real life too. This is a spectacular way of inculcating leadership traits in a person by thinking and pretending that a person already has it.

So this was all about the magical five traits or Amal Totkay from my side. I am trying to incorporate all these into my daily lifestyle and will definitely recommend it to anyone who is trying to further their progress. Hope this was helpful.

Amal Totkay