Cracking that Pomodoro Technique

Farah Saeed
3 min readJan 1, 2021


It is a hard-learned method that one finds ease after difficulty and to bear through that difficulty requires hard work, self-belief, perseverance, and a strong sense of discipline. So at Amal Academy, all us fellows were given this task of using Pomodoro Technique to increase their concentration and to cut down all the distractions in the best possible way. Let’s discuss in detail what this Pomodoro Technique is all about.

Pomodoro Technique is actually a method of time management which was first developed by Francesco Cirillo in 1980s. In this technique, timer is set for specified intervals and breaks are provided to the student so that his productivity is enhanced.

Steps for applying the Pomodoro Technique

1. At first, decide the task that needs to be completed.

2. Use a timer and set it for exactly 25 minutes.

3. During the set twenty-five minutes if any distraction bugs you then quickly write it down on a piece of paper.

4. When the timer stops, leave whatever you were doing and take a five-minute break in which you do something you enjoy.

5. After 25 minutes, mark a tick on a piece of paper.

6. After the break, again set the timer for same 25 minutes and repeat the same process until you have four ticks on your paper.

7. After four pomodoros, take a break of 25–30 minutes.

8. Right after break, continue with this technique until the task is done.

My Experience

I always wondered that breaks during work are counterintuitive but after using this technique I noticed how they uplift your productivity and also doesn’t let a person get burnt-out or drained. I took out two hours of day and made an aim of understanding four chapters of my Mphil course work. I started with a timer of 25 minutes and took a break afterwards. This method increased my focus as well as my learning speed and at the end of my four pomodoros or intervals, I felt like I had accomplished my goal without getting stressed out about it. I was still full of energy to work on my other pending tasks and after resting for a bit, I started working on another assignment using the same technique.

So in my opinion, it is a great technique that lets you complete your work efficiently and without procrastination. More people should understand the efficacy of this method use it to boost their work speed.