Fixing Stuff

Farah Saeed
2 min readDec 18, 2020

Life is all about moving forward and making the best of every passing moment. My Amal fellowship started in the first week of December and from then onwards we have been made to do many exciting yet challenging activities. One such activity which made us come out of our comfort zone and practice the principle of Amal was ‘Fixing Stuff around ourself’. This activity was given along with some guidelines which clearly mentioned that we had to take any place or thing in our surroundings and check it thoroughly to find anything that could be fixed or needed maintenance.

I was all occupied with my university assignments, the tension of upcoming quizzes, midterms, presentations and what not when I remembered that I had to complete my project work 2 before the due date. This thought made me leave whatever I was doing because I knew if I didn’t do it right away, procrastination would eat away at me and I would be in constant anxiety. So I called up my friend who manages a social group that is on societal welfare and does clean-up drives almost every week. Luckily, she told me that they are having another campaign regarding sanitation and waste management on the coming Thursday and asked whether I would like to join.

On Thursday 17th December, I together with the group visited the area close to Margalla Hills hoping that it would be neat and clean as it is frequently visited by visitors. To our dismay, we found that people had found a new way of littering by throwing their used masks out in the open without caring for just about anything let alone sanitation and hygiene. Due to our unflinching determination to protect the environment and educate masses about the significance of environmental health, we cleaned up the place and put all the trash in the dustbins nearby. We also stopped the passersby and disseminated knowledge about how our actions can, in turn, cause irreversible damage to nature.

I have to acknowledge the fact that this activity shook me out of that slumber I was in due to ongoing lockdown which made us sit at home all day long. It showed me how we can create opportunities even when there seems no way. This is what the leadership course was about how we start taking small steps to improve our surroundings and these small steps then together become a massive force that stops for no one and breaks the glass ceiling.