Looking back and connecting dots

Farah Saeed
2 min readFeb 28, 2021

Now that I look back at my journey, I would say it was totally worth the time and energy spent. All the courses I took especially that PASSENGER series improved my interview skills, confidence and I started to believe even more in myself. My Amal journey does seem to have reached an end, but I will forever follow the Amal principles, values, goals and achievements as well. Even though the fellowship completed its term but the connectivity among fellows will stay till the end of time. This journey made me become a lifelong learner and to enjoy the little moments in life and to cherish them to the fullest. I learned how to write the best resume, cover letter, thank you email, interview skills and the famous pomodoro technique. The mock interviews with assessors made me believe that I had so much potential in myself and all I needed was to acknowledge it.

The last session “taking flight” was absolutely amazing. We were asked to share how our journey went at Amal Career Prep Fellowship and what we learnt through it. Our fellows started to share their stories which led them to join Amal fellowship and gave some heart-warming thanks to the mentors. We played a game of Pictionary which was so much fun as we had to draw and the others had to guess what we had drawn. Then we ended the session with some songs about friendship and even planned a gup shup session in the days to come as one of our mentors could not join our last session.

In the end, I would definitely recommend this fellowship to my family and friends as they truly change lives and make people believe in themselves.