Mega Project

Farah Saeed
3 min readDec 25, 2020

During my fellowship at Amal Academy, we, all the fellows, were given this DIY activity of brainstorming an idea for our mega-project. We were given very clear instructions about how we can work out our action plan, the challenges we would supposedly face during planning phase and implementation phase of this project, objectives we are trying to achieve through this mega-project, our problem statement and lastly how it can benefit the society in general.


I have noticed for a couple of years that people are eager to go on tours and have no basic know-how of what travel agencies would satisfy their demands and what packages would fit their budget. So as a last resort, they end up asking their colleagues or relatives who have just come from a trip and they then pursue that specific tour agency thinking that it’s the only reliable one. Most people also let go of the idea of traveling by looking at the expensive costs of accommodation provided by that single tour agency being oblivious of the fact that there are so many deals both economic as well as expensive which can proffer them a great chance of touring to their desired places.

People confused about how to plan a tour

Mega-Project Idea

In my opinion, travelling is something that majority of the people long for and are super enthusiastic about it. So my plan is of creating a start-up of Tour Consultancy which would gain traction among people who are looking forward to planning a tour to a certain destination.

When people find out about Tour Consultancy

Mega-Project’s Objectives

The services would include:

1. Providing information of Tour Agencies catering to customer’s demands.

2. Providing them different packages according to their financial status.

3. Customized deals including accommodation, hiking, mountaineering, and sight-seeing etc.

4. Ensuring safety and reliability of each and every tour.

Tourists at their desired destination

Challenges in Planning

Some of the challenges that we would have to face include linking with different travel agencies and developing their trust in promoting their business, connecting with destination hotels and resorts ranging from most economic to most luxurious, gathering funds for setting up our office and hiring professionals with adequate knowledge of tourist sites and their process of bookings and reservations, advertisement of our tour consultancy on all social media by hiring social media influencers and creating an online presence of the proposed mega-project.

Challenges in Implementation Phase

In implementation phase, most important aspect would be to keep 24/7 checks on office personnel, client details and their orders, ensuring customer satisfaction through survey feedback, staying in contact with all the destination hotels, resorts, transport agencies to provide best services without any lapses in the operations.

Tour Destination


Overall, this activity challenged all the fellows including me to think out of the box and find out what are some of the problems which have not yet been addressed properly and what can be seen as an opportunity to create a new startup. I am definitely looking forward to the weekend’s online sessions to know how we can take our individual projects off the ground.