Visualizing My Journey

Farah Saeed
2 min readFeb 19, 2021


The journey of Amal Career-Prep Fellowship was, I must say, an exciting yet informative one. So, the reason behind joining Amal Academy was that I had gotten sick of all the quarantine and lockdown situation and I wanted a place where I could restart my learning process akin to on-campus classes. At first, I had so many reservations that I will not be able to learn a single thing from it and it would only waste my time, but all my pre-conceived notions were shattered when I started to take interest in the fellowship.

First Session

Not only did it unlock my version 2.0 (haha) but also equipped me with the basics of being a professional. It made me realize that we can all make the best out of our time and energy only if we believe we can. In the start, I learnt about how to take a shift from being problem-focused to solution-focused person, how to write a Superhero cover letter, how to write the Superhero resume, Pomodoro technique, design thinking, how to enjoy and appreciate yourself for every single positive thing you do.

Moving on to our Circles, we were sort of forced to work with people we knew nothing about, and I thought it would be awful and awkward, but it turned out to be the best thing ever. It made me realize that you can work with just about anyone no matter who it is if you learn to listen to people’s opinions without judging, give you views without invalidating another’s views, learn to co-exist and reach a consensus whenever the team members have to work on a common goal.

This fellowship is the best decision I ever took because it improved me to the point that I no longer feel hesitant in putting myself out there, to explore all the career possibilities, to uptake new tasks every day, to lead without authority, to enjoy little moments, to pat myself on the back for everything and the last but not the least- become a lifelong learner with a growth mindset. I have recommended this fellowship to my friends and family because it is an opportunity worth fighting for.